It Is Gone

The restaurant near me,
 not near, to be exact, 
the adjacent one, in the north
 came up all in a sudden
 two months ago.

My front area got filled 
with aroma of cooking. 
 I have termed it wrong,
 it is not aroma, an irritating  smell
 that gets into your nose.

 The backyard is a recipient
of a ghastly odour from the leftovers 
 thrown mindlessly.. and from the  water
 used to clean the utensils  forms a pool
does not flow into the drain. 

Oh! no, the drain does not exist.

 I dare not go the north part of my house.
confining myself to the southern portions,
 Yesterday, I discovered, the eatery 
has been wound up,, like the way it came.
I stay blessed.