Distancing from the kin
 a kind of relinquishing 
from the ties, almost 
similar to the clouds 
that fall apart, scatter
after enacting a drama
where their congregation
 being intense predicts
 heavy rain, finally 
there  be a few droplets.

Relationships, filial, sibling,
 matrimonial . whatever they  be 
 have to end at one level
cannot go on like a long train
 with several carriages, puffing 
 and dragging.  Long associations 
demand great expectations 
which lead to a derailment.

Keeping this in mind
a withdrawal, steady 
and gradual, more so 
like the deaddiction 
program, will ensure 
a  consistent, healthy 
outlook of life, going 
with the maxim absence 
makes the  heart grow