Economy thoughts

Monsoon Blues Slows India’s Pace.

Six nations are out of recession. India and China escaped unscathed,while Japan and Germany have made up at last. Brazil has jumped out of the pull down all in a hurry. France has made a smart  turn around.

The Indian scenario of progress was quite impressive , healthy and time bound.The election mandate has given a stable government. The GDP growth was reasonable.The monsoon was expected to set in mid June, it took its own time to settle. Settled did it, with weak strains, and little rain. The States which depended on the onset , were greatly disappointed. Agriculture had a pristine glow during this period, but the peasants are depressed of the failure. Less or no rain indicates a full stop to implemetation of ploughing, sowing, and harvesting. The poor farmer, a good rain, has borrowed money to carry on the prelimiary operations. But woe befell, and we hear 72 suicidal deaths in Andhra pradesh alone. The situation looks grim. The Prime Minister is worried.He has to see to plight of the farmers and the drought hit areas. States affected by deficit are demanding higher  aids to cope up with the situation.

Nature has slowly detached itself from Indian  growth ,which is upbeat. The Indian stoicism ,will not allow any digression to affect its progress. The indomitable, invincible spirit Of the Indian will take him to great , as its Prime Minister announced ,that a growth rate of 9% is setas a target, and by any means it will be achieved. India will  exactly cross over the mark ,as it is a store house of potentiality.It is the think tank of the world. The quick witted Indian, the shrewd Indian, the hard working Indian, and above all the coveted concept that of extraordinary brilliance the Indian is sure to make his mother land strong in economy,