An Unholy Combination

Combination is a relative word. It is variably used in science, particularly  in chemistry , which elaborates on the  combinations of substances in  different proportions. The physical combination and chemical combination, are the premier lesson in chemistry. Physical combination can be retrieved back but the chemical counterpart once combined, is combined forever. There is no room for recovery. The metals used in the process take a  shape that is not akin to the original. The properties also undergo a voluminous alterations.

Now,  to the unholy combination scenario, which does deal with sustainable presence that of the human being ,who is full of energy ,life and wisdom.This conceptual  theme got imprinted in my mind ,when I heard real time happenings . Can this take place? Could this happen?Why ,on earth people behave so impishly?What made them act irresponsibly?The curious mind has set the tempo.

Analysing the vagaries of the human mind, the perception  centres round the immature  behaviour, wreck-less attitude, ruthless arrogance and ill gotten wealth. The first episode that made me sleepless for nights was the breaking down of the engagement of two young adults. The boy, of average intelligence,simple looks,but with enormous wealth, got betrothed to a beautiful girl with high mental calibre,and also wealthy. The engagement snapped a few weeks before the wedding. Imagine the turmoil the parents on both sides faced. The interaction between the boy and the girl, did not go smoothly, perhaps there was a hitch in their compatibilty. It was the boy ,who refused, very much unusual.My question, is Why did this happen a few weeks before the wedding?The boy must have felt insecure, must have experienced belittlement,and was unable to cope up with the girl’s thought. If , both of them had been careful in their selection this unpleasantness could have been avoided. I feel, it is money that brought about the union and it is efficiency that ruined the ties.The unholy combination did not have a take off at all.

The next in list is the connivance of siblings against one other brother or sister is taking a gigantic stature in recent manifestations..The greed for wealth unites the like minded ones to cheat the sane , levelheaded person, who refuses to take part in the programme of hide and seek. The “solitary reaper”is faced with stiff opposition, suffers humiliation,as the rule of majority works through. But the final deliverance is that truth always emerges triumphant.

The third ,is the general misconduct of the public servants, whether it be an humble constable, an ordinary civil officer,  a simple bank official, an authoritative member of the parliament, or the power drunk minister.These make law of their own, break  the practised legality, behave rudely, speak harshly,and pronounce unholy predilections much to the chagrin of the people.

The unholy combinations render illegitimate conclusions.They render the world a narrower space polluted by unhealthy, unrealistic and unintelligible madness.