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Business To Progress

Prosperity of a nation depends on business.Metaphorically there maybe a different opinion.But , pragmatically speaking the financial flourish is the nerve centre of any country. To make things take the right direction, the government has to both give a long rope ,and a stiff regulation . This may sound ridiculous , impractical, and below the mark. Discerning forthright we can extend our plausibility ,by persuading the business oriented to enter into straight forward deals ,unmindful of the heavy cash involvement.The back up can be provided by the financial institutions with a minor charge over the asset of the company. This modus indicates freehand but with the patrol behind. This operandi will safe guard the interest of the Banks The transactions  will effortlessly push along earning a large proportion of revenue. Thus the trading  significance attains extra meaning and sensibility.

The Policing attitude of the government body should be gentle and genial. A harsh, impolite,rude monitoring will spoilthe show. Countries which seem to have taken to this culture are in the upswing. But Nations ,which huddle to the spoilsport temperment  are lagging behind in their achievements.A free hand to a child will raise her to glory.A kindly spirit and an encouraging talk will land us to the  region of success. A steadfast spirit, come what may should be the motto of the businessmen. Take ups and downs with equanimity. Face life with cheer and determination . Then success will fall in your lap.

A graceful movement will make us happy. A loving word will  soothen our spirit. A caring approach will heighten our active participation. This is what  a true businessman expects from his State.