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Recovery With A Scar

Recession is almost over. Bad times have been expunged.We see a kind of happiness all  around. We hear a sigh of relief, which is sonorous. We  experience a sense of practicality ,which is rewarding. The throbbing fear, the serious deliberations, the much debated flaws in the economic policies, the nervous apprehension all have slowly dimmed though not a full detachment from the prowling irregularities that pounced the world economy.The attack was so harsh that it surmounted to a depletion of finances.

U.S was bleeding. The housing proved a devilish blow, banks  miserably collapsed, one after another, autos applied a sudden break. There was a veiled drooping ,a cacophony shriek,a hoarse muttering which made the richest nation a skeleton like virtuoso. U.S succumbed to the wrong policies. It fell a prey to the erring shots of the bureaucrats. Its people knew to spend, but did not learn to save.The two year abject decimation of its financial, has restructured the tarnished economy.U.S is slightly propping its head out, and Paul Kruggman opines that by September, the country would emerge timidly out of  depression, but the scar will remain.

A serious wound takes time to heal, once it starts closing up, the getting better sets in. But the deep wound will leave a scar ,which will take months or even years to vanish. Similarly the bruise that economy has inflicted on the nations, is methodically getting covered up,but the residue will last long. It should remain for a duration, so that any folly or mishap for that matter will be  deflected once we are reminded of the great recession.

Recessions and Depressions punctuated this long era with their shortcomings. The default should have taught us a lesson , should have made us refrain from not committing the same folly. It did teach , but we like every other eventuality forgot . We indulge in going through the doldrum once again.

A thorough grounding of theorems and hypothesis in school days ,escapes our memory . A  strong fundamentals in grammar and applications of skills in writing during our  school and then college levels are no longer sustained in our mind. We go about our own way,discarding the accepted norma.  rejecting the bequeathed traditions, deferring the established principles. So ,if another pulsating ,subduing ,denigration bursts out, we have no alternative but to be drawn by it unobtrusively, and later climb out fully drenched in its velocity and vibrancy.