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India -First to be Out Of Recession

An evidence that is circulated all over the world is that India is out of recession. China ,is also creeping out of the shadow. It is a true statement. Yes , India is marching ahead to progress, leaving behind other affluent nations. One must remember, that Indians are made of different material , This particular stuff holds the Indian equanimity in tough fists.India had been repeatedly attacked by the foreign invasions. Be it Mughuls, Portuguese, Dutch ,and finally colonised by the British, the Indian mentality remained undeterred . The invincible spirit makes the Indian go ahead, in spite of the destruction he meets. The Mughuls looted the riches of the land. The Portuguese and Dutch ,in a milder form amassed wealth by capturing land and indulging in trade. The British entered as shopkeepers,uncannily became the masters of the land, depleting the beautiful country of its resources, of its plentitude,and its exorbitant wealth. They introduced an educational system, which is still in vogue, making the citizens into clerks rather than rulers. The obeisance instilled by the English has humiliated the Indian ego. After 60 years of independence , the servitude still holds the population in grip.

All these broaches , disruptions and discomforts did not leave the average Indian disillusioned and crestfallen. He rose from the cinders , worked up against all oddities, involved in trade ,started industries, educated himself, holding a concentrated tenor in his language proficiency. He mastered the English language. There are few English writers who have surmounted the Indianwriters in writing skills. Most of the educated Indians excel in the usage of the language, much better than the Natives.It is this articulate tact of the Indian that is placing him high over all 

The Indians were put on board by the British to Burma, Ceylon, Singapore, Malaysia, Indochina, and South Africa, to work on plantations, as these countries had a shortage of labour. The Indian labour toiled hard , braving natural calamities, putting up with unfavourable conditions, unmindful of hours of work,for the progress of the nations into which they were deposited as mere human animals. Once the Britishers left, these workforce had to endure disdain and scorn from the new rulers. Yet they sustain with the stoic spirit that is holding them together

It is this stoicism that has released India quickly from the worldwide recession. Other nations ,used to comfort and cheer, find it a task to outgrow this proposition. To the affluent the recession seems to be in gigantic proportion. Recession has hit them like a lightening.They are blindfolded. It has struck them like a thunder. They have been deafened by its sound. It has churned them as a Tsunami. They have been ripped apart.To realise the positive goal ,they are  struggling. But to the Indian, it is another episode. He has taken it i the stride . He is moving ahead.

Indian, I salute You.