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Singapore-Clean eh!!!

The encircling air around Singapore is highly polluted. The atmosphere resurrects a complexity in breathing.The environment is like most of the other  countries,posing a mild threat to nature. The ad prop litter free is a a malapropism. The streets are strewn with thin garbage bags, cigar butts,and disposable paper cups and plates. The penalty for being unmindful to cleanliness is 150 Singapore dollars. In spite of this heavy dose , I saw many incidents which impress ill on her surroundings.

First, I reconciled myself saying that I am in the midst of Jalan besar,in the criss cross junction of Serangon Road, and Orwell road,where coffee shops, eateries,and provision stores abound. But , later chided myself ,telling me that the most populated areas, should be the most well kept ones. A slight negligence  has set in, I feel. The sanitary and health authorities need to take special attention to keep the area safe for tourists.The quality of food served in these restaurants are far below the standard. The Plates and cups are cleaned ,but not to the appropriate levels.There is a fallback in the monitoring of the day to day to management by the civic body. I was frozen , when I saw large cubes of ice being unloaded from a lorry, and to make matters worse , the huge blocks of ice were hammered with iron rods.The ice finds its way into the restaurants as to chill the fresh juices and milkshakes.I resolved not to take any chilled juices till I leave Singapore.

The aftermath ,of a week in Singapore ,was a thoroug  run own.I was down with high fever,result of   severe abdominal upset.The sensitive intestine suffered very badly. I had nausea, vomiting ,and delirium set in. My physician was confused ,as to what have I contracted from Singapore.My breathing slowly turned to be heavy. I was subjected to incessant cough.I was whooping for a normal breath. My fever raged unabated. I could not swallow a spoon of water. I compelled myself to an ounce of hot milk.Out came the flow of liquid, with such force, that I stood terrified. What is going to happen to me?I chose a place , for a week halt -Singapore, a safe haven for travellers. But the experience I got ,is nightmarish. If it had been any other country, I would have taken safety measures, to keep me away from such relevant flaws. Just ,it happened to be Singapore, I took it easy,and I am paying for my light heartedness now.

I am still in the veil of exhaustion. My mind is absolutely empty ,as I find myself hard to cope up with my physical  depletion..A week in Singapore has cost me heavy, both financially and physically. The financial part can be earned. The disarray ,I experienced all this fortnight will leave me a wreck for months to come. Am I entitled to any compensation from the Singapore Government?If so ,inform me, I would gladly accept it