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Pigs Gain In Stature.

Pigs were referred to as an icon of scorn and contempt.  We condemn a person , addressing him as “bloody swine”. We dub a dull person as “pig headed. Children , in their quarrel ,very often  squeak at the opponent as “you pig”. Now , the pig or swine, whatever ,you ascribe is charging the human world with a revenge. the word swine ,is enough to ransack the entire world. Swine , an epithet to the new virus, swine flu, terrifies all. The world at large is in the grip of what may happen as this epidemic has been unleashed in most South Asian countries.

Deaths are reported in India, in Malaysia. There is a caution alarm from a researcher in U.S that , if the virus attacks for the second time , the consequences would be serious and dangerous. Now , everyone ,in this part of the world. feel a slight irritation in the throat , they rush to the hospital, to undergo a test. The doctors are not fully prepared to receive such heavy rush . The hospitals are also not equipped with testing facilities. By taking a swab,analysing it will take a minimum of 12 hours to give the result. But the apprehension is so high ,that there is a lot of hush and push to get things done. In certain cities , the medical practitioners , to make quick money , have come out with a vaccination, that will keep away the viral attack. The government authorities are making announcements in radio and television, that there is no vaccination as such for this virus..The horror struck people are getting nervous ,becoming panicky about the health of the dear ones. A slight cough ,makes them shiver. A sore throat propels them to quiver. Mild fever demoralises them. Body pain  makes butterflies fly in the stomach. The indigestion  renders them half dead

Hello Pigs !. are you satisfied now . The human  beings have been pushed into the corner by the Pigs.From time immemorial, the Pigs have been treated with an indifference. No animal has been looked so low.Now Pigs, leave the human beings free, as you have not only demoralised them but also mortified them. Many have lost their lives. Swine, My lord, (we have to modify our mode of address)give us our daily life,devoid of fear and insecurity.