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Museums In Singapore And Malaysia

The museums of both these countries are similar.They pose a grandeur of excellence. The history of these countries are more or less the same.But the presentation of the facts are ways apart.

The Singapore Museum opens up its repertoire by stressing the episode of a Chola Prince arriving at Tamasey.He queries his subordinates about the head of the animal which is lying in the area. They answer him ,saying that it is the head of Singa,or lion The prince names the country as Singapura.The show  of this particular episode is beautiful.

The Malayan Country as also discovered by a chola King. The Chola landed in Kedah.He must have ruled for long duration ,as there are depictions of temples  . The vimanas,and the gopurams are standing examples of the chola rule. The Hindus had a sway over the state for a long spell. This chola was referred as Kidaram Konda cholan.This impeccable truth is modified by the Malaysian government,to suit its whims and fancies.

The Natukottai Chettiars had roaring activity in both Singapore and Malaysia. They were into money lending business. They were noted for their integrity. They borrowed money from Chartered Bank and lent it to the Chinese.They charged nominal interest They lived in highly crowded hubbub.They led a simple life. They had their own method of accounting.They became owners of lands ,when the pledged property could not be retrieved by their clients. This banking community did much for the financial progress of the two nations.In the Singapore Museum ,a space is allotted to this community.Unfortunately no such reminiscence is found in Museum Negara.

The Portuguese invasion, the Dutch settlement,and the British colonisation are dealt with great attention.The Independence of these nations and their growth after is pictographed  in a chaste manner.The three communities, Malays, Chinese and Indians should move ahead in unison ,thus taking the nations to flourishing prosperity and thriving indulgence.