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Dash Out

The school bell rang for the day,

The children scrambled fast in a gay,

 They packed their bags in a fray,

 Then ran out of the campus like a ray,

The movement resembled a lively dash out.


The curtains came down on the stage,

The play was about the medieval age,

The enactment was of an eloquent engage,

There was a loud ovation of a great range,

The dispersal reflected  a pleasant dash out.


There was an agitation in the town,

The agitators shouted in a high tone,

It was a protest distinctively shown,

The Police dispersed them with a firm  foot down,

The confusion led  to a ghastly dash out.


A sudden fire broke out in a high raised building,

The red tongs blew fiercely  unyielding,

The inmates  scuttled up and down wailing,

The fire fighters were desperately struggling,

The precipitated race was a panic dash out.


Dash outs are both pleasant and hurried,

They pronounce an acceleration scurried,

They are  fast momentum unusually levied,

Expressing at times a cheer of high breed,

Extending mostly a fear of tensed creed.










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The Magic of Tea.

The mind was tired,

The body was exhausted,

Went to the kitchen,

The tea was brewing,

The aroma was enticing,

Straining the tea,

Sipped  it lazily,

 It  drove the lethargy,

 It  stimulated the physic,

 It  invigorated the mind,

Then stood up briskly,

To attend to the task,

It is over a cup of tea