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Sleep Over

Panic fills the mind,

Depression sets fine,

Disappointment is the new find,

What more is in line?

Squeaks the voice from the hind.


Many more are on the way,

Much more  would cross,

Wait for the eventual sway,

A prediction is there for a furthermore loss,

Warns the forecast of the day.


A sleep over is the trick at hand,

Let everything pass in a slow motion.

Watch the turmoil from a distant stand,

Show no rush to reach  the  destination,

Prompts the theory of a reputed brand.


Deferring the decisions to a period late,

Might look as a procrastination sure,

It is time required to seal the fate,

A reprieve needed to think and endure,

Confesses a solution provider in a voice great.










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The Child’s Cry

It is a feeble noise soft and shrill

It is something of a sob from afar,

It  evokes  a sensation of chill,

Keeping us in cold so far.


It is a cry of a child a little away,

The little one must be in unbearable pain,

It is an uneasiness which she cannot say,

She sheds tears like an incessant rain.


The mother could not calm her down,

She did what she could in full fast,

The child continued to cry in a drone,

Making everyone sad in aghast.


It went like that for a short duration,

The child then  gradually stopped wailing,

The mother fed her on and off without affectation,

The child then dozed off  in a smooth sailing.


The mother then breaks down uncontrollably,

Slides down the aisle suppressing her fears,

Holding the little one to her bosom closely,

 She sings a lullaby brushing aside her tears.