A Definition of Old Age

  The little one asked “What is old age?”

 It is  an age  which tries to free from all bondage,

An age, which gets distracted from all outage,

 An age, which communicates through a silent language.


 As the day closes into dusk 

 As peace leads to an exhilaration always,

Youth  enters the  old age with a grace,

Strings of grey hair are  seen in a trace. 




Inspiration Nature Placid thoughts

The Placid Afternoon.

It is a  very pleasant midday,

The sun plays hide and seek all day,

The wind modulates gently in a sway,

Making everyone gay.


Sitting in the patio a while,

Watching the scenery in  style,

Anecdotes pop up from the mind’s file,

Bringing about a lovely smile.


It was enchantingly peaceful,

Extending a relaxation bountiful,

It is needed to stimulate the system in full,

It is an inspiration kindling the hopeful.