My Teacher —The Driving Force.

Had been in the world for quite so long
influences had been not too many
had been an isolated person for long
think that I know a lot rather too many.

The days of my school might be of interest
I was among the toppers all through
that evaded me in taking any interest
as I thought I am uncrowned all through.

The teachers held me with such love
I dare not disobeyed them anyway
I studied my subjects with such love
I ranked high every day any way.

The one most important teacher I admire
being my English teacher in my High School
she drew the best out of us I still admire
grammar the toughest one turned easy in High School.

She went on and on giving exercises
taught clauses adverb, adjective, noun in all
screwed up the ears if we not do the exercises
behind us always while we mastered all.

The foundation she laid during those formative years
made many of us to learn to speak and write without mistakes
English being an alien tongue turned familiar during those years
we excelled in our writing too and never made any mistakes.

The teacher whom I am talking about was simple and strict
“learning should be your motto all through your life”
she used to say in her own way speaking stern and strict
well,it still rings in my ears and is my way of life .

She is not a famous or a world renowned personality as such
she did her duty to the fullest satisfaction in all
her influence still hovers over me having been so long as such
hope, I have lived up to her expectations in all.

My teacher, I salute you and I promise not to forget your ideals
they being learn, learn and learn to acquire wisdom
I, in my own style have imbibed and spread the ideals
the greatest gift man can possess is wisdom.


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