Once Upon A Time __My Memories Go.

Once upon a time I used to hear
not only the birds tweets
I heard the donkey’s bray
they with their long ears
wandered making noise not sweet
the lanky figure was in dirty grey.

Once upon a time I used to eat
all things cooked at the moment
no frozen or prepared food
never warmed in a microwave in upbeat
not consume anything that caused a torment
all fresh ones that did a lot of good.

Once upon a time I used to read
newspapers in the early morning
novels and poetry in my school
did I know any online read?
not I sat glued to the TV in the morning
nor did I spend time in the net full.

Once upon a time I led a healthy life
with walks and strolls to keep me in strife
breathed plenty of fresh air to keep going
now I sit indoors a way of my life
stuck to the digital world in my strife
live closeted to ward off mosquitoes in the going.

Once upon a time memories come up and go
reminiscing the good old days in the flow
well, they would not return in the days
it is prudence to adjust to the days in the go
nostalgic of the past causes a glow
live through all the more with the days in store.


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