My Adventure With The Squirrel.

A squirrel in my house
makes me grouse
she is there all the time
never once she moves out in time.

One day I see her in the garden
playing without a burden
the other day I see her in my stair case
running up and down not in a phase.

I went up to drive her out
she escaped and jumped out
I came down to find her
I could only identify her bushy fur.

I locked all my doors tight
she came through the windows opened slight
I closed the windows and bolted them
hope not she enters through any of them.

Not an hour has passed in quietness
I heard a rattle from the wilderness
I alighted from my chair in a hurry
just in time to see her scurry.

What am I to do ?to keep her off
not one of my collections are let off
either I see her nest in a corner
or herself in a place busy near the warmer.

The little squirrel has taken my energy
right from the days of yore with its synergy
still I am finding ways to get rid off her
am sure she would bid good riddance to me with cheer.


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