A Long Road.

The one from the workshop,

Away on the long road
secluded and undulating
I drove uninterrupted
on my journey onward.

Not the same a few months later
I returned with the same expectation
I was caught in the traffic.
The road less traversed
became the one most travelled
no one knew how it became so?
an enigmatic turn unbelievable

Beneath the layers
lies an allegory
a subtle analogy
for the human race.

A man, who lives unnoticed
all his skills bundled up,
becomes renowned. Lies not
on the wealth or power
but on the intrinsic.

The original. Call for the best. Your response is awaited.

It is a long road

winding and steep

away from the main

secluded and broad.

None prefers to go through

being far and away

the road being  different

aloof and undulating in true.

The road less traversed

lies unused for long

a day comes to the play

when it tops up the cross.

The lonely road is full of buzz

vehicles go up and down

incessant in  their  plight

has become a famed one in a plus.

Being the  path of life as seen

the one which lies low

suddenly rises up to prominence

that be the  choice in a deem.




By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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