The Jealous Hue.

The  edited and modified version,

Jealousy propounds a colour
one of bright yellow
pale it is in the beginning,
turns darker as days pass
reflects an animosity
along with a dislike
confirms a quality of detest
a shade of vengeance
remarkably reticent.


The original,

Jealousy professes colour

high up with the collar

the tinge of the colour

a bright and a light stellar

one with the sunlight

as scorching and bright

a mild hue in the initial

turns darkest in the final

reflects an animosity in large

refracts a dislike on the verge

the colour being one of yellow

does not freely  in an allow

expresses the concern if at all

the consideration being one of  a fall

a wish of bitterness and sourness

nothing at all of the  sweetness.



A comparison of both and a  tick for the best.



By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

4 replies on “The Jealous Hue.”

Thanks. I will go by your suggestion.
I am revising, editing and workshopping on my poems.
I need your help. As I post my workshopped ones with the original, go through them and pick the best.
I would appreciate your willingness to help me. You have already done.
Require assistance and I rely on you and Isabella Simons.She has offered to help.
Thanks again,

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