Twenty Years Ago.

No one knows what is in store?

The event
dates back
to the late 90’s
being the day of Pongal,
Shreya reminisces.

She and her kids
were  decorating the house,
her boys helped her in hanging
maavilai thoranai.

A call from her brother,Anil,
shook her complacency.

It would lead to a turbulence later.
Did Shreya Know?

He spoke in haste
asked her to rush
to her mother’s place.

He said “the situation is grim”,
expects  it would turn into a disaster soon.

She reached the place.
Stood dumbfounded.
Saw, panic.

It was  pandemonium.
The inmates were  jostling in a frenzy
trying to escape  from unwanted  associations

Right, there she was in the midst of hell.
Little did she  know that it would be her last  visit.

Whom should she  blame?
Could she point her finger at  her mother?
No, she looked so desperate.Pathetic.

She fixed her eyes on her father,
an accusing stare.
He looked daggers at her.

Shreya turned towards Anil.
He looked demure. Feigned innocence.

His eyes
gave out the deceit.

That day remains
fresh in Shreya’s  mind
even today.

By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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