Not The Familiar Gautama

who gained wisdom
quiet young, the one
zealous, possesses a
Midas touch. He buys
in a frenzy, invests
with a craze.

Not a prince as the earlier one,
Gautama, from a well to do family,
starts life with few thousands
from his father. Does not make
much of a success, being
mediocre in all.

As luck would have it
he marries into a political
family. Money from all avenues,
mostly unknown, places him
in a vantage status.

Passion to earn translates
to an avaricious pursuit. He
Dabbles in plantations, software,
infrastructure, cafe.
Grows huge in stature.

The unbridled enthusiasm
strikes with a baton.
Debts rise, Investors nag.
Department inquiries unearth
his manipulations. depleted
of resources he stays broken.

Tempestuous rains batter
voracious winds hamper
being real and virtual
Gautama jumps from
the bridge.

The overwhelming waters
devour him, allow him
not to rise, he drowns.
The tide takes him to
the shore.

An enlightenment
in the realms of water.