Called Poetic

A nicety, a smother
a run through
that takes you unaware.
keeps you in hold
for a time.

A caress. a fondness
that is affable
presents itself with a please
one of the pleasantest
at all times.

That of a rejoice,
a kind of bewilderment,
marks through with an ecstasy
one of beatitude
in times.

Well that could refresh
that could excite,
nestles in a proximity
one of a cherish
on times.

is a poem
poetic everytime


The Fight Over The Boundaries

Boundaries cause a concern
be it in the literal code
or in the applied one.

A mishap it is
to cross the borders
of countries.

Going beyond
one’s territory
is a trespass.

Could even be found
in a private one
prompts a treason in all.

Most should be
voiced with strength
that of the infiltration.

Deep into another one’s ,
unmindful of the status,
does more harm than believable.

One such being
the inquisitiveness
to know about others.

A demeaning attitude
found in the majority
who score highest percentage.

The too good a personality,
an aped image not to undermine
places one above the rest.

Temporary phenomenon of cause
as the more you disguise
the most you reveal.

Those who feign and react
provoke a despise one far
from being commended.