A Temptress

An infatuation
one that leaves you
never at peace.

Grasps you firm
faithful you remain
ever after.

Attractive in every sense
makes you wallow
and swim in its pool.

Never do you know
it is a cesspool
full of mire and marsh.

She is a temptress
entices. forces you
to hold to her tight.

Once she catches you
do not dream of
deserting her.

She will not allow,
will pursue with fervour,
your doomsday being near.

She is not a lass
beautiful as one
would imagine.

She is money,
wags and waxes
to glory for a time.

Thereafter pulls
you slowly
down the drain.

You manipulate,
become corrupt
all the more.

You are vanquished
at the end. you stay lodged
behind the bars