Rama’s Effect

One of a perception
with a predominance
of tracing the missing
a penetration of the depth
a twist to the straight forward
along with a pretense
of godly, an epitome
of all goodness an incarnation
of Lord Rama, he being named so.

He feels he is the best.
Has sacrificed, has let go
the priced, and lives
like an ascetic. Those
with and without play foul.
He does not mind the deprivations,
in real he is too much into it.
A claim he makes with authority.
Rama speaks with a vehemence
condemns his kin with a fiery

Contrary to the “Idhikasa” Rama,
who is nonchalant,his namesake
commands, scorns, shouts with
anger. Repeats and argues.
Anytime he will explode.