Monsoon Bliss

The water starved town
congregates in the temple.
Shlokas and hymns call
Varuna, the Rain God, who
is indignantly obstinate
refuses to condescend.

Weeks together,”
the invocation goes on.
The Yagnas try to appease
Varuna. The fumes rise up,
cajole him with aromatic

Ananda Amirtavarshini
tries to catch up
with the chant, the not
so versatile repeat
in chorus a simple line,
‘ we want rain” in all earnest.

Varuna touched by the pleas,
specially those of the ordinary
agrees, With his approval,
clouds gather quick,
the sky turns dark,
winds stop for awhile. in all intense
droplets of water fall down.

Ecstatic to see the Monsoon
the townsfolk return.
In days greenery takes hold
cultivation begins,
the almost dead river
begins to flow.

Pranayams To Varuna.