The Mind Rains

it is about the time
one thing after another
happens so quick
being hard to adjust
I watch the skies,
where the stars twinkle
and clouds gather ,intense
they look as if rain is
about to reach the ground.

The rains do not come
so do my thoughts,
Both stick to the darkness
create a shadow intense.
too thick to penetrate.
seem to explode any moment,
remain subdued as if in a state
of coma.

The mind works on
with the calculations.
Weighs the pros and cons
too much to resolve.
So do the rain laden clouds.
move and migrate in pandemonium
apparently restless stay perplexed
behave in a chaotic fashion.

A flash from somewhere,
I light up .Enthusiastic
go with the decision,
fulfilling the task before
any mishap, I rush.
The out pour is tremendous.
A great coincidence
enthuses me with a delight.