Known Yet Unknown Villain

Animosity being felt,
expressed in ways
myriad and unknown
turns Meera’s life miserable
as an unwanted
turmoil oppresses
both the physique
and mind. A simultaneous
barrage inflicts more
harm than arms
and ammunition.

It is of a sibling rivalry
prior to Meera’s wedding ,
emanates not from
her own kin as one would expect
but from the in laws
family. Commences with
an anonymous letter,
alleging the bridegroom
to have some unknown disease.
far from a good choice.

The person who hides behind
a veil of goodness, plays
he game of deceit Plants
trouble wherever Meera
goes. Resorts to witchcraft.
She suffers ill health, faces
business setbacks, her children
experience the duress. She avoids
seeing the one, distances herself
as far as she could, still he
is not appeased.

Continues the demeaning activities
with renewed vigour. He will
not stop till Meera’s end or his end
whichever occurs early.