A Real Time Calling

The turn of events,
when the unexpected
happens sends
a strange, unbelievable

As it holds with a fitness
the day I when I woke up,
got the shock of my life
when I saw the entire ]
surrounding different.

The bed is in wrought iron.
the windows where of glass
the door is a single one
while the bath looked
tiny, I remain speechless.

Picking myself, I walk
to the parlour,I could
find none,. Try to get down
the stairs, well I find
myself in the ground floor.

Surprised I move to the kitchen
the broad one has become narrow,
I go to the back yard
face the wall which is but
a few yards apart.

It takes a few minutes
for me to realize
that I have flown a long way
I am in my second home.
A real time calling.