Six, Seven, Eight, Nine And Ten Go

It is hectic, tiring.
vulnerability at every corner
while  seeking an alliance,  
searching  brides and bridegrooms.
The exercise turns unpleasant.

Status stands out with a glitter
reputation turns silvery.
wealth dazzles like a diamond,
 qualification takes the cue 
from iron,, looks  matter the least,

Fixing with permutations
 and combinations  placements 
of Rashis  in twelve houses  play truant
 while matching the horoscopes, where 
grades speak.

Six out of ten is good, 
seven and and eight fare better,
 nine and ten like the good fat hen,
 are the best. considerations.
 anything less than six is disqualified, 

 Comparisons within the community 
of one hundred thousand.

Another one intercepts 
that of Gothra , Marriages 
within  the same section
 being disallowed,  Weddings 
 wait for ratifications  from elders.

 Meantime, boy becomes  man, girls 
cross the child bearing age,
 reach  forties before they tie the knot,
Invisible as it is births dwindle, 
Numbers fall steep, saddening.!


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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