Animating My House

I feel an oneness 
with my house,
inanimate as it is
breathes life.

The verandah where I read
the day’s  newspaper
greets me lovingly,
 with cheer.

Entertaining  the guests 
the living room  spreads warmth, 
echoes their  laughter
records the banter.

So does the dining.
in all its grandeur, an aroma  
 permeates from the elaborate 
courses served.

The kitchen, needless to say 
smokeless and clean, a place
where menus get prepared 
 a fragrance prevails.

I find a bondage with my study,
 a friendship with the books 
and the  authors develops 

Finally my bed solicits  me
an high pillow, makes me rest 
my head on , like a mother   
lulls me to a deep slumber.