A maid by my side 
an aged driver on wheels 
I go to  college 
just at the moment 
when the bell  rings.

Both see me get inside 
the campus , then turn 
back home. The college 
known for its  discipline 
where  a crow cannot   peep 
through the windows,

The head of the institution
 being my mother’s best friend
always has an eye on me.
In the middle of the  class
she summons me,  much 
to my bewilderment,

” You have been friendly 
with   Sheba for quiet some time”.
 I nod. ‘No harm, but keep 
a distance from her 
as her head is full of lice,
you will be affected”

Visualizing lice  jumping 
and clinging to my hair,
 I walk with a smile,
Oh! my mom cannot prevent 
this invasion,  Will she 
appoint another bodyguard?