Missing You Dear!

The  half white curtains,
 with mild designs, small 
flowers in yellow, lying 
 on a  pale green stalk, 
 pinned stripes running 
 between, withstanding  
 the test of times .

 look weird, originality  being
 lost,  a bit out of time,
absorbing dust and mites,
outgrowing  the process
 washing helps not
recovery impossible, but  they
retain a kind of affability.

Changing  them being  
way, I do a bit of shopping
 going and coming out 
 of the  shops   which boast of
 enormous collections, none of them
 suit my taste. The bold patterns 
 and shiny texture  throw me out of gear.

Back home, my old ones 
greet with  warmth, sensing 
 a familiarity I get near 
 stare at them for a while.
I say, “Oh! my pal! you 
have been with me so long”,
of late I talk with the doors, 
windows and curtains.