That takes me to the climate,
 as all of us turn apprehensive
 the change and its aftermath 
 makes us absolutely nervous.

Going with defiance,  scorning
 and humiliating the environment 
 by our arrogant attitude, negligence 
of the havoc we implicate.

Rivers get chocked with debris, drainage
 is filled with trash, felling of trees,
realtors make hay by selling unauthorized 
lands, with the blessings of the ruling . 

We know this would be the result,
 even then we work hard towards 
destruction, killing not that around
 but ourselves and ourselves,

The deluge I witness near home,
 cause of greed  and pure self  deceit
 puts the community in hazard,
 leaving most  homeless and penniless.

Driving through the floods in posh 
Mercedes and Porsche, politicians 
offer solace to the affected who 
stand in the rain holding an empty bowl.