it is dusk, Kali 
piles the grains
covers them with a tarpaulin
 lest they become wet,
 scatters the empty  stalks 
 to dry, 

Kaliamma  packs up
 lifts her son from the thuli,
 both walk hand in hand
 rejoicing the day which 
 has brought them a fortune.
 Smiling they sing together,
thanga nel aruppu, eleleo , eleleo  

Kali  turns  passionate, pulls 
Kaliamma  to him, holds her tight 
closes her mouth with love, Taken aback 
by the sudden outburst, she 
reciprocates with hesitation, 
perhaps  mindful of me following.

I sweep back the tears 
that come down my cheeks 
unexpectedly,  Stay away allowing 
them to be alone,  They reach home,
and after a hot bath Kali partakes 
the porridge, feeds his wife.

They figure me standing at a distance
Kaliamma fills  the gruel in the palm leaf cup
My eyes glisten with tears, as I slowly 
pour down the hot rice down my throat,
As it goes down my food passage, I realize  a
tranquillity never before felt,  admire her simplicity 
Kissing Kaliamma’s  hands,  I experience an untold bliss.