An Eloquence In Silence

Conservative bringing 
builds a withdrawal syndrome,
 I keep quiet when accosted 
 be it for good or bad,

Words come up to the throat,
 but stop there  abrupt 
 the voice refuses to modulate
 and make them audible.

It takes long to break 
the ice so as to say, 
to mix with people,
an allegation goes 

 dubbing me proud, reserved,
inconsiderate, The  strict upbringing 
creates the difference, remarkable though
comparing  with one that is caged

a parrot for an example, repeats 
what his master says from its confinement,
 not like the ones that fly  and sing
 notes of their own,

Remaining  in the cocoon, 
I read, write, sing, and talk 
with my reflection in the mirror,
eloquence in silence.