Not To Be Called A Man

A dark skinned man
not anyway a  reference 
to race, One who is many 
shades less than his  country men
holds ideas  darker than his complexion.
behaves darkest than the  midnight. 
 equivalent to pitch darkness,

A money lender by profession
 extorts, extracts interest
like  Shylock, demands 
flesh and sucks  blood.
Atrocity is his weapon,
dissects, penetrates
 and pulls out the core.
 from the profound.

Dreaded by his own kin,
a terror to his  children
 specially the in laws , fear 
to look at him ,he calls himself 
a philanthropist. the word 
 should feel ashamed 
 to qualify him. He aspires 
for, the highest, settles for 
the lowliest. A deadly being 
not to be called a man.