Colours, Colours

black, white, blue and green
red, yellow, brown and orange,
the shades referred as pastel,
bright, soft, striking,  appealing 
 and appeasing  to the beholder

 Black is beautiful,
shining and sparkling
 held with contempt by those
 who consider white as superior,
 the racial discrimination
 runs deep, non destroyable,

The metal gold takes the cue
 of yellow, brilliant and bright
 loved by one and all, again 
 the colour of a race known 
as Mongolian who inhabit 
the Asian region.

The  Red Indians natives of the land 
discovered by Columbus 
pushed to the corner by the Whites, the 
red  hue  represents danger, one that 
cautions, stands for Stop In the signal
liked by most, catches the eyes either way
 graceful and gaudy.

Blue  qualifies Nature, sky, sea,
river, water in general, though 
water is termed as colourless liquid.
 Boys go with blue, the hamper 
for boy babies consists of bluish articles.
Blue blood commands royalty, while blue 
veins crack a deficiency, mainly of the heart.

Green denotes prosperity, Go green, the slogan
cares most for the environment, The lush 
green forests, foliage , the vast expanse of grass
propose a feast to the eyes, a source that bring 
rains and breeze, promoting the much talked  
about subject, ” Climate Change” The others 
follow the brigade  in rapt attention,

So passes the rays  of  the long story 
of colours, bright and dark, somber and sullen,
 reflecting feeling  and sentiments
each one for an occasion, a  galaxy
that none can spare nor shun.