Beige And Scarlet- Mix And Match

Paint the body beige
the border scarlet
I shout  from down below.

 Painters are up, balancing 
 on the scaffolding with 
 paint and brush,

 I stand  in the sun
 holding an umbrella 
 sporting sunglasses,

those above turn 
towards me , braving 
the heat,

Clad in shorts  and a T. Shirt
they are there from 8 am 
in the morning.

Unmindful of their discomforts
 I keep on screaming
 add a little more of stain

make the red a wee lighter
 at the corners. The window sills 
need to be darker  red 

the walls  should render warmth. 
 a little lighter one of beige.
 Condescending they  pay

attention to my demands.
It is lunch time they descend 
walk  hurriedly towards me,

I take a step backward, a bit 
uneasy, They come closer,
I go back a little .

Nearing me, they say in a chorus,
Amma, You taught us how to mix 
and match. Appa!    I cry, relieved,

Expecting an accusation.
 as an heartless woman
 I accost an appreciation.
 Stand  elated!