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A tiny drop descends,

Slowly  down the cheeks

Stories many it speaks,

Apprehending a fear



A tiny drop glitters,

Steadily  around the eyes,

Incidents many it spies,

Discussing a  morbidity.



A tiny drop flows

Rapidly across the face,

Recalling a  melancholic trace,

Tracing a  poignancy.





A tiny drop adjoins,

Over a multitude of choice,

Swiftly holding a  moist ,

Reflecting a  grouse.





A tiny drop flickers,

Fluttering as a shadow

Emanating   a snicker,

Ruminating  the pathos.




Tears well up,

As they blinden,

Tears swell up,

As they    embolden.





Leaving a despondency,

Against an inability,

Letting an impotency ,

Against a certainty