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Mind storms

Watching a storm ,

In its great fury,

Caused a reform,

With a fine dreary.


The racing  apprehension

Blew in a  terrible rage,

Confining  the   tension

Within its range.


The  swirling violence,

Created a despair

Restoring the  silence,

To a quiet whisper.


The roaring hurricane,

Dealt a thunder

Resulting a foregone,

In a gloomy  shudder.


The angry typhoon,

Instilled a furore,

Convicting  the siren

To an endless   chore.



The mind like the storm,

Runs in  an insane form,

Relapsing on an uncertain qualm,

Unnerving the genial balm.


A disarming fear lurks,

An unkempt  cringe smirks,

Leaving a perilous  refrain

As a lasting  design,.