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Another Day

Day in and day out,

Things come to a float,

Nothing so particular ,

Noticing none familiar,

Doing nothing specific,

Making none  terrific,

Keeping  nothing immaculate,

Inducing  none   to percolate,

Steering  nothing important

Driving none  significant,

Waking up to the routine,

Living slowly in between,

Thinking of the future,

Brooding over the  closure,

Eating  a bland food

Drinking an iced  brood

Loitering out aimless,

Carousing over meaningless,

Yet it is a similar day.

Though we call it another day

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Deep Debris

Up on the high precipice,

Staggering like a lonely  stalk

Gathering fear  en mass,

Shivering like a fragile frail

Holding to a stout   bark

Deliberating over a toss,

Which way to slip,

This or that,

Left or right,

 Deep down beneath,

 There exposes  a dense vegetation,

 There breeds a multitude of species,

 That poses a peril all around,

A whimper sorts up,

A cry dies down,

The scare  discourages,

The urgency compels,

Up I go ,

Down I fall,

Into the deep debris.