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Sorry Ma

 I accept you as an embodiment of all goodness,

 I admire you as an exuberance of all greatness.

I envisage in you,

Mother nature, the distinction  that  behest,

Be it patience,

Where you show an extraordinary  passivism

Be it  tolerance,

Where you propose an  enormous  aphorism,

Be it  understanding,

Where you  muster an enigmatic realism.

Be it creativity,

Where you throw  an emphatic  motivism,

Be it discipline,

Where you  promote an energetic activism,

Be it  servitude,

Where you  serve with utmost nativism,

Be it reconciliation,

Where you express an untoward  impressionism.

Overwhelm us with accurate naturalism

But  we ma.

Display an unmindful negligence,

Dispose an unnerving forbiddance,

Detract an apprehensive reference,

Demolish an associative concurrence,

Destroy  an inimitable confluence,

Devastate an informative recurrence,

Distributing  an unethical  disturbance.

Casting an illegitimate arrogance .



Realising the combusting applications on you,

Recognising the provocative  distillations on you,

I with folded hands  and tearful eyes,

Apologise for the complications ,

We have committed on you,

Sorry Ma!!