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An Immature Resentment

The day began with a clout,

Reimbursing a full-fledged bout,

Enforcing an overwhelmed doubt,

Settling towards an inexplicable rout.



 It languished over a past  occurence,

  Which lay  on a deceitful evidence,

 Thus harping on a demeaning  reference,

Moving towards a  feigning preference.




The method of thinking over and over again,

 The process of brooding about the repeated refrain,

Intimidates on a retrospective gain,

 Inferring  a living with a flimsy brain.




 Hence the provaction is baseless,

 And the anger is lawless,

The bewilderment is meaningless,

 Corroborating an immature resentment.

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Rain ,Rain Come Again

The sky is over drawn

 As dark clouds  gather,

The Sun  withdraws,

 It  looks  like a heavy downpour,

 Assuming  a  symptom of glee,

Importing  a  rejoice  free,

The trees shoot up high,

The flowers bloom out shy,

The heat dies down,

Allowing a cool  throw,

Impounding an untold exhilaration.

Insisting a great dimension ,

Expecting  the rain to descend,

Lo! the  rain disappoints.