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A Heretic talk

A resonance from memory  echoes

A sustenance from life  replicates

A tolerance in excess,

Leads to a distress,

An endurance too much,

Takes to levels such,

That renders an unlimited scope ,

Of  fear and no hope,

Making a sordid  chagrin,

The better of migraine,

Provoking a nonpareil ache,

And a distempered sake,

Extracting a retarded compulsion,

Manipulating a  not supportive  obsession,

Letting a gothic susceptibility,

Erasing the faith in Almighty,

Confirming a distorted veracity,

Almost wearing a garb of  disagreement,

Always hiring a disarming tenement

The range of faith 

Varies from few to nil.


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The Decrying Indulgence

The ways and means,

To deride   with contempt,

To demean with  attempt,

To destroy  with fervent,

To cheat with arrogance,

To illegally  seize

To cast a siege,

To devastate a being,

To  quell the mortal,

Is  a disenchanting temper,

Unqualified to dampen the spirit,

Which is eternal,

Which is invincible,

To the decrying indulgence.