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The Innate Glamour

A sagacity  against  evil struck ,

With a great pluck,

Putting one to wonder,

As how to render,

The  things much sought,

But held by onslaught,

Fielding a proposition.

Against a requisition,

Which is bound by legality,

But captured  by  atrocity,

Lining up a row of distractions,

Plunging more into destructions

Refusing the rightful heir,

His lawful  fare

Casting an unwanted despair,

Creating a treacherous fanfare,

Why do they indulge  in such wicked fun?

As the life span is too little  in the run.

Why do they seize those that are not theirs?

As  a sly fox gobbling other’s prey.

Will they not think of their progeny?

As their earnings good and bad  affect the destiny.

Oh what a wonderous crime they harbour!!

In the bosom of  innate  glamour