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Water,Water ,No Where

Water ,water everywhere,

Was a tale of yore,

Rains were copious,

Rivers were surplus,

Ponds were full.

It was a wholesome full




Deep down goes the bore well

Down to 400 feet,

Further to 600 feet,

Still  deep to 1000 feet,

Piercing the earth,

But no water anywhere.



Houses were laid out,

With plenty of air flout,

Trees encircled the lay out,

Breeze circumvented the sit out,

It was cool  in the roundabout.

There was lot of fun in the silhouette.








Sky scrapers are rising high,

Up , up they sigh,

Making  an expensive buy,

Cement and mortar create a tie,

Winds unable to pose a fly,

There is a plenty of  toil  in the cry.






As the earth gets undone,

As the sky sneaks through the run,

The warmth  enters in a ton,

The water dries up in a none

Releasing   wilfully a scarcity   boon





Living amidst enemies ,

Needs  enormous fortitude,

Dwelling among feigned amis,

Requires  stoic attitude,

Moving with ardent chummies,

Leads  to gratitude,

Interacting with  snobbish dummies,

necessitates enhanced  platitude,

Enduring  nominal  mummies

Needs  empowered rectitude.

Tolerating distinct   binamies

Limits  excess beatitude.

Finally heeding to  deadly proxies,

Haunts  definite resilience