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The Lofty Ideal

Setting a goal in play,

Is a promise   ever,

Capturing a grade in fray,

Is an affluence   clever,

Crediting a record in pay,

Is an achievement wherever

Consulting an expert in say,

Is a proposition   forever,

Modelling a supremo in array,

Is a  difficult endeavour

Squeezing a light in ray,

Is an extract  never

Carrying a delicacy in tray,

Is a  wish   whatsoever,

Levelling a mount in spray,

Is a task  wherever,

Maturing  to a  merit  in  flay,

Is a  fame however,

Holding a torch in gay,

Is a pride whenever,

Mentoring a trigger in a day

Is a rapport   ever so ever

Empowering an ideal display,

Is a lofty replay  all so ever.