Oaths And Vows in marriage

An oath, a vow,
one of a life pact.
taken before God,
in an altar of a cathedral
in case of Christians.

A ceremony with
hundreds in attendance
the tying of mangalsutra
before the fire, Gods invoked
as in an Hindu marriage.

A union of two individuals
to the recitation of Quran
along with a payment of Mahr.
when the man avows to take care
of the bride financially
as seen in the Islamic faith.

Remain and held with great honour
in most marriages, while
separations occured in olden days
one finds breaks quick and many
during the recent years.

The promises made in the altar
and before the fire, valid
than the legal entities
go with the wind, each go their
own way. Procure a divorce in court.


Caught In Between

Neither a clash
nor a controversy
but a rightful demand
been misconstrued
when tongues wag,
spill out slander.
emit jealousy
all to distort
the claim as if it is
foul and unfair.

The manoeuvres
play the deceit
manipulate for years,
decades roll.
Continue with the talk
accuse, allege
allow not anyone
to perform but underplay
stifle growth
invite a stagnancy.

It is not progressive
any way, find nil
expansion, stumble
and fall into depths
unknown, neither
good nor an evil
but a distraction
that kills, being
one between
death and life.


That of A Gathering

Formalities and customs,
take the course
with an importance.
If one skips for some reason,
it becomes a treason

The same way
not willing to hold
ceremonies with
elaboration, turns
a transgression with an
additionally tagged a miser.

In the days of old
the community,
was close knit lived
in the same place.
A gathering could
be possible .

Now, the members live
in distant lands.
A congregation becomes
impossible and expensive
with a come and go
just to participate.

The resentment expressed
and the anger exposed
prove too much to endure.
As years pass this kind
of celebrations should
include the near and dear
and those who live close.


My Travel

The clothes remain
in the machine.
Vegetables stay in the stove
half boiled.
I am in the porch with
eyes wide open.

I travel through countries
and places where my boys are.
Play with their kids,
Talk with my sons who live
in different parts of the world
Paying visit take hours.

Back home from the sojourn
my spouse with his reading glass
peruses some documents.
I pass through in haste
to the kitchen and

Everything is done.
Dinner is ready.
Table has been set.
The ironed clothes
find place in the almirah.
Courtesy my domestic staff.


Rama’s Effect

One of a perception
with a predominance
of tracing the missing
a penetration of the depth
a twist to the straight forward
along with a pretense
of godly, an epitome
of all goodness an incarnation
of Lord Rama, he being named so.

He feels he is the best.
Has sacrificed, has let go
the priced, and lives
like an ascetic. Those
with and without play foul.
He does not mind the deprivations,
in real he is too much into it.
A claim he makes with authority.
Rama speaks with a vehemence
condemns his kin with a fiery

Contrary to the “Idhikasa” Rama,
who is nonchalant,his namesake
commands, scorns, shouts with
anger. Repeats and argues.
Anytime he will explode.


The Triangular Life

A two month away
from the second home
back in the first
I feel relaxed. Do
some cleaning to
restore grace

I think of the second,
just out of court,
control from overseas
a check periodical
nothing in a taxation
work goes fine.

It is kind of having
two spouses, each one
in different countries,
and with that I meet
a third one, who
turns irresistible.

She is attractive
and demanding, Takes
the life out of me,
I am unable to cope
Wedded to her at
a ripe age I serve.

The premier, being a senior
turns joyful while the next
is resourceful, the last,
hopefully, do not wish
to commit once more, nags,
gnaws and prods.
I am done!


That Of The Unknown

None can tell
that of the next one.
It is all so much hidden
packed with a seal.

The stature and the status
being unpredictable
we talk of next day,
next year, and next century,

Deriving a possibility
out of an impossibility
we move with a confidence
beguiled and outspoken.

Warnings, at regular intervals
ask us not to overboard,
sound ignominious. We
go as we wish.

Reluctance obliterates
the alarm. We move.
falter and fumble
but never learn.


The Sight Of Dogs

scares me.
Even the mildest
makes me nervous.
That which one puts
in the pocket, so tiny,
scares me considerably,

Cats, cows, bulls,
elephants to name a few,
do not pose a terror.
Neither I carry a fondness
nor experience panic when I
encounter them,

A kind of phobia
dwells in the mind
as the very word dog
makes me scream not
anyway with delight.
I create a disaster.

Why ? I am unable
to answer. Might
had a traumatic experience
at a young age. Lo! I set eyes
on an Alsatian, I tremble.
I shout, cry, run
create a scene .


Not The Familiar Gautama

who gained wisdom
quiet young, the one
zealous, possesses a
Midas touch. He buys
in a frenzy, invests
with a craze.

Not a prince as the earlier one,
Gautama, from a well to do family,
starts life with few thousands
from his father. Does not make
much of a success, being
mediocre in all.

As luck would have it
he marries into a political
family. Money from all avenues,
mostly unknown, places him
in a vantage status.

Passion to earn translates
to an avaricious pursuit. He
Dabbles in plantations, software,
infrastructure, cafe.
Grows huge in stature.

The unbridled enthusiasm
strikes with a baton.
Debts rise, Investors nag.
Department inquiries unearth
his manipulations. depleted
of resources he stays broken.

Tempestuous rains batter
voracious winds hamper
being real and virtual
Gautama jumps from
the bridge.

The overwhelming waters
devour him, allow him
not to rise, he drowns.
The tide takes him to
the shore.

An enlightenment
in the realms of water.


Made My Day

Experienced a deluge
like scenario.
Thoughts flood
a sporadic thrust
of emotions keep me afloat.

Ebullience picks up.
Encircled by a restraint
I interact with a caution
do not wish to cause
a flutter.

I watch the panorama
with a smile. That much of
expression I put up,
I should not overdo.
My heart warns.

The celebration
draws to a close.
My little ones
walk royal brandishing
coveted awards.
In itself a reward.