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The rustle of trees
the sweep of the fronds
on the remote hills of
Terong, a small village
in Malaysia. known for its
waterfalls will soon become
a hub to the hustle
of the traffic of an Highway
newly coming up.

The serenity of the place
give place to noise and sound,
The growls of boars and the cooing
of birds will no longer be heard. ‘
The commercials will
soon emerge imperious.There
occurs a disappearance of
fauna and flora of the hills
The silence is sealed,

The insignificant village
l gains prominence
as a transaction hub,
a tourist spot. A deviant
of its past the developments
brings revenue. Life style
changes intercept and the rustic
gives way to sophistication.
A change for better or worse.
one does not know.

That of Me

The dilemma
takes me one way.
the confusion I experience
leads me the other way,
I am dragged, hauled
and let in the middle.

What to do?
I ask myself.
The inner me retorts ,
Why not you do something?
“If right accept with joy,
If wrong apologise gracefully”.

The Hamletian indecision
that i undergo makes
me uncomfortable.
Never I used to be like this
of late, I have become so.
Lost the power of decisiveness

The Clutter

The clutter lying before me
old and new things
of all metals
makes me crazy.

Those of which are gifts
that which came to me
from my mother
all remain unmoved.

Layered with dust
each one is clad
in white cloth
and blanketed.

I sneeze and cough
while I undress them.
a ritual I follow
every year.

The last two years
I have been lazy
did not bother
to visit them.

This year broke
my hip and knees.
Double the labour
I have to put forth.

The white dress
looks yellow.
I order for new ones.
One more expense.

I cannot dispose them
s my mother forbade me to do so.
She comes as though in real
when I think of offloading.

To honour her wish
I attend to them
year after year
to keep them in order.

A Temptress

An infatuation
one that leaves you
never at peace.

Grasps you firm
faithful you remain
ever after.

Attractive in every sense
makes you wallow
and swim in its pool.

Never do you know
it is a cesspool
full of mire and marsh.

She is a temptress
entices. forces you
to hold to her tight.

Once she catches you
do not dream of
deserting her.

She will not allow,
will pursue with fervour,
your doomsday being near.

She is not a lass
beautiful as one
would imagine.

She is money,
wags and waxes
to glory for a time.

Thereafter pulls
you slowly
down the drain.

You manipulate,
become corrupt
all the more.

You are vanquished
at the end. you stay lodged
behind the bars

The Stay of Forty Eight Days — Athi Varadar

A benediction all the way,
with Athi varadar
in the Mandap, devotees
seek his blessing
while the priests
engage in prayers.
revel in splendour
with contributions
willing and forced.

After forty years,
Varathar rises from water,
ever fresh and divine,
stays for forty eight days
giving audience to
millions of people,
Dressed in best hand woven silk
bedecked in jewels, Varathar

The ecstatic crowd.
brave heat and rains,
endure the actions
of local administration
which turn harsh at times
all for the sake of
seeing Lord Varathar
for just a second at the most.

Barring a stampede
where thirty eight die,
hundreds get hurt, the stay
remains . pleasant.
On the forty eighth day
Varadar returns to his abode,
after enriching the land
where the water starved areas
receive copious rains and more

It is Trying

The mind is not at rest
neither the body .
Both go to and fro
create a sensation
that cannot be

Tossed so, I
try to remain
stable. I fail
Jolted and irked
run in circles. Goes
from bad to worse.

Unable to bear any more
the weight being heavy
I predict a collapse.
I try to calm down.
Gulp water, drink
iced juice. Pressure subsides

The eyes laden with sleep
command me to lie down.
Sleep overwhelms,
I find that I need rest.
I have to forget
that which require
attention for a while.

Half an hour in bed
nourishes me,
out from fatigue.
I walk with measured steps
slowly to work. back ‘to
original shape.

The Mind Rains

it is about the time
one thing after another
happens so quick
being hard to adjust
I watch the skies,
where the stars twinkle
and clouds gather ,intense
they look as if rain is
about to reach the ground.

The rains do not come
so do my thoughts,
Both stick to the darkness
create a shadow intense.
too thick to penetrate.
seem to explode any moment,
remain subdued as if in a state
of coma.

The mind works on
with the calculations.
Weighs the pros and cons
too much to resolve.
So do the rain laden clouds.
move and migrate in pandemonium
apparently restless stay perplexed
behave in a chaotic fashion.

A flash from somewhere,
I light up .Enthusiastic
go with the decision,
fulfilling the task before
any mishap, I rush.
The out pour is tremendous.
A great coincidence
enthuses me with a delight.