Supply And Demand

Every month begins
 with its engagements.
 Demanding calls 
 salary, grocery
 power bills.

Well into June
little out of peak summer
 electricity  usage  has gone
 up in the past month
  AC running most hours.

 tariff reaches the top slot, 
outflow  increases
 in proportion.  bills 
 four digits turn into five 
 a pressure on the purse.

Every season has its 
 own terms, either  way,
 I fall into the strata,
 facing incremental 
obligations  every day.

The first week spent 
on disbursements.
Procurements usurp
the second, the last two
 is spent  on reconciliations.

Moving like a robot,
 while fixed propositions 
 take off smooth. variations 
 lead to a tumble- fundamental 
of economics.