An Orchestral Ensemble

The Koel ( Cuckoo) 
coos repetitively, 
 whom I wonder?

 goes on ” koo – el”‘
without taking a breath.
 could be to his mate!

Echoes of the sound
reverberate as he 
 cries in full throat.

Heralder of Spring, 
Koel   becomes active 
 hoots  in blithe

   It is a clarion call
early in the morning 
waking up  farmers

 who hurry to the  lands
 with  hatchets, sickles 
and scythes .

 “jogi kala sangha”  he bursts out  
  in his rustic, high pitched  baritone  
the bird  chirps  with equal mirth,  

 being a percussionist of repute.
Man and bird engage thusly
 in turns with passion.